Brendon Cooley

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<xu> I live off income from my parent’s death
<xu> The uh
<xu> Um
<xu> Watsitcalled
<xu> will
<xu> I get like
<xu> My parents were rich
<xu> Owned an oil company
<xu> They died in a car crash
<xu> And
<xu> I sold the company
<xu> Which is where I got all my money from
<xu> I have no family I talk to
<xu> Though I have a sister who lives South of us
<xu> But I haven’t talked to her in many years
<xu> Most of the money in the will was left to her
<xu> But the oil company was left to e
<xu> me
<xu> So
<xu> That’s my story
<xu> Hobby is hunting
<xu> And
<xu> Computer
<xu> And survival thingies
<xu> No job
<xu> Retired
<christian_hall> age?
<xu> 27

Brendon Cooley

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